The Neo Difference

The NeoSkin treatment offer patients a quick solution for reducing signs of skin aging that requires no downtime. It’s comprehensive rejuvenation is non-invasive, and addresses everything from fine lines and wrinkles, to redness, hyperpigmentation, and even the skin’s overall quality. The NeoSkin eliminates the need to use multiple devices or treatment methods to address the common concerns of skin aging. NeoSkin’s patented, FDA-cleared 650 Microsecond Technology™, exclusive to Aerolase and NeoSkin, also offers a myriad of additional benefits.


All Skin Types, All Ages

The NeoSkin rejuvenation treatment is effective, safe, and gentle for patients of all ages and skin types, and for all parts of the body. Have a tan? No worries. The NeoSkin treatment can be performed at any time, keeping your skin clear and refreshed all year long. NeoSkin uses a new laser technology, referred to as 650 Microsecond Technology™, that is ideal for anyone dealing with signs of skin aging. The NeoSkin’s highly effective, safe, and gentle treatment is all thanks to this new technology. For an in-depth explanation of the 650-microsecond laser, please visit the Aerolase Website.


Unmatched Comfort

When patients undergo traditional laser treatments, they describe the pain they experience as feeling like a rubber band snapping against their skin. Why experience that discomfort unnecessarily? NeoSkin’s unique laser technology offers a new, gentler treatment, even for those especially sensitive to pain. This gentle approach is, again, due to NeoSkin’s unique 650 Microsecond Technology™. The phrase “650 Microsecond” refers to how quickly the laser passes energy into the skin. It occurs so quickly that the energy cannot spread to the surrounding skin, which is what makes other lasers so uncomfortable on your skin. Fortunately, with NeoSkin, those days of uncomfortable laser treatments are a thing of the past.


Overall Improvement of the Quality of Your Skin

A skin treatment with NeoSkin treatment is unique because it does so much for your skin. The laser uses a 1064nm wavelength which targets water, melanin, and hemoglobin (blood) in the skin. The combination of 650 Microsecond Technology™ delivering the 1064nm wavelength is what allows for so many skin concerns to be addressed with a single device and in such an effective and gentle manner.  The result is an improvement in your skin’s overall quality, tone, and texture, leaving you with a youthful glow.


No Skin Contact, no Gels, and no Sprays

Many laser and energy-based treatments require the application of a numbing cream, gels, cooling sprays so that the laser handpiece can touch the skin. This can be both uncomfortable and unsanitary. The NeoSkin treatment eliminates the need for ny of this. The NeoSkin’s handpiece does never comes in contact your skin and is so comfortable and gentle that no numbing cream or cooling spray is needed. NeoSkin offers you the best patient experience that has ever been available for aesthetic medical lasers.


Quick Treatment

Depending on what your skin aging concerns are and the size of the affected area, the NeoSkin treatment is a quick 15-45 minute in-office procedure. Since no application of numbing cream or gel is needed, all your laser practitioner needs to do to begin treatment is clean your skin!


No Prolonged Redness, no Downtime

Once the NeoSkin treatment is completed, you may return to your normal daily activities immediately. As with any laser treatment, you should of course apply sunblock and stay out of direct sunlight, but unlike other laser treatments, your skin will not have any prolonged redness, and if If any redness does occur, it will typically resolve within an hour or two. This quick recovery time is ideal for busy teens and professional adults who need to always be looking their best!

Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation.

Prevent the signs of skin aging or clear any of the existing signs